Cloaks of Mulmaster

The Order of the Red Cloaks of Mulmaster

A collection of wizards sworn to defend the throne of the City of Mulmaster (if not always its occupant) in much the same way as the War Wizards do Cormyr. The Cloaks advice and assist the High Blade in ruling the city.

This description consist of a mixture of facts and rumor - don't believe everything you read!


The Order of the Red Cloaks of Mulmaster

The current High Cloak is Thurndan Tallwand (hm W19).

The current High Blade is Selfaril Uomdolphin (hm F22), married to Dmitra Flass the Tharchioness of Eltabbar in Thay, who is allied to Szass Tam the Zulkir of Necromancy.

The Cloaks control agents of Mulmaster throughout the realms, and sometimes act as agents themselves.

Any mage of 4th level or higher is "persuaded" to join the Cloaks or leave town. There are over 200 Cloaks, with approximately 30 of them of 12th level or higher.

All non-Cloak mages are forbidden to practice within Mulmaster, on pain of torture, maiming, or death. This limitation does not apply to diplomatic missions and royal courts, so many of the Red Wizards of Thay have infiltrated the area as "advisors" to the tharchioness.

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